The Saber Lab is located in Phx, AZ and specializes in all levels of installs and custom builds.

Now accepting build requests and installs or upgrades

Video Above is a sample of our Padawan Saber package with optional NeoPixel blade with Nano Biscotte sound and lighting controller by Plector Labs with animation slowed down to show versitility 

Padawan Package:  (entry Level)
NBV4/18650/ basic 3D Printed or MHS style chassis and a Tri-Cree **Neo Pixel LED Blade available in 7/8" or 1" with the Nano Biscotte by Plector Labs" See video above

Knight Package:  **some crystal chamber/neo pixel options available
NBV4/Teensysaber/Prizm/NEC/sound board with TriCree LED or Neopixel blade
3d Printed Chassis and/or Crystal Chamber by:
Order 66 Designs
GOTH3D Designs
RFD's Paint and Metal Works

Master Package: Several types of Crystal Chambers and Metals available for your custom build
Order 66 Designs Master Series
GOTH3D Designs Master Series
RFD's Paint and Metal Works

Grandmaster level Package: This is considered Collectable Investment terrirtory - Not recomended for Medium/Heavy dueling these Masterpieces are designed as conversation pieces or shelf queens

-GOTH3D Grandmaster Mentor Variant 1 or 2 - Amazing Designs with alot of metal options to choose from
-Beyer Designs Metal Masters (its grandmaster level with the rideculus amount of sanding and manual labor involved, but worth the investment as it is true Art!!!!)
-Order 66 GrandMaster Designs Light and Dark side avalable with severable crystal chamber metals avalable as well as outter shell holocron
-RFD Custom Metal works and Paint

Upgrade or new Build Request - Lightside - Hilt, Chassis, lighting and sound solution packages all levels
Your Favorite lightside Hero variants complete build request - inc Hilt, Chassis, Lighting and Sound: 
Components used if not provided by customer
Vintage Replica Gen II
The Graflex Shop
Romans Props
89 Sabers

 Commitment Deposit Required prior to start (partially non refundable)

Upgrade or new Build Request - Darkside - Hilt, Chassis, lighting and sound solution packages all levels
MPP/DV6/KR Crossguard 
Your Favorite Darkside Hero variants complete build request - inc Hilt, Chassis, Lighting and Sound: 
Componants used if not provided by customer
MPP Replica - Romans Empire
MPP 2.5/DV6 Korbanth/Sith Planet

 Commitment Deposit Required prior to start (partially non refundable)

Custom Chassis and Crystal Chambers
The Saber Lab also does Custom Crystal Chambers and/or assembly with or without chassis
The Saber Lab Warranty

If The Saber Lab installs a part in your saber that turns out to be defective, we will help seek a replacement from the part`'s original manufacturer under their warranty in most cases.... unless we created the part for you.  

A simple replacement is usually no charge, however there may be an additional service charge depending on how in depth the replacement process is, we will work with the client in all cases to help find a solution and help resolve the problem 

State of the Art Computer Processing
The Saber Lab uses the best modern technology to bring the best lighting and sound to the consumers experience. 
Sound and Lighting Solutions
The Saber Lab uses CFX-10/Proffieboard/Teensysaber for Neopixel animated lighting unless build request 

We also stock and install all Plector Labs options
Prop  Solutions and Movie Filming needs
Contact us with your ideas or needs for custom one off creations for any scenario including RC camera builds
 You can use the Force and your Jedi Mind Trick skill to contact The Saber Lab. You must Mind Trick this form first.

 - The Saber Lab is in no way affiliated or associated with Disney, Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of their associated companies or employees